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UK & Ireland Based Pension Transfers

Over recent years the total number of pension transfer requests received by both final salary and defined contribution pension plan trustees has more than tripled. This will come a little surprise given the fact that at the same time pension plan deficits have soared, and the total number of people leaving the UK for sunnier climates has also drastically risen.

At Phillips Hartman we understand that your current pension pot, be it company-based or personal, is more than likely going to be your single biggest asset outside of your property portfolio. The thought of moving it can be a daunting one even if you know that it might be at risk where it is. That’s why we’re here to help you make an informed and educated decision as to the best route you can take to protect your pension assets. After a careful and detailed consultation, our team of dedicated experts will help you establish all of the facts regarding your pension entitlements. We’ll present our findings to you in a comprehensive and easy to understand format, along with all the options available, putting you in control!

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